Intelligent band is the worlds first system that allows you to have wristband or fob RFID device to start the engine on multiple vehicles. The Intelligent band can be programmed to allow staff to only operate those vehicles they are allowed to operate.  

Intelligent Band has been designed to assist in the security of all your machines and vehicles on-site without the use of keys or immobilisation codes to each vehicle.

"Millions of pounds worth of agricultural equipment is stolen every year..."

And it’s on the rise!

What is Intelligent Band?

The Intelligent Band prevents any unauthorised user from starting vehicles which have been fitted with the Intelligent Band system. The wristband operated keyless system can be coded to some or all vehicles in a fleet, allowing access to only those vehicles which the operator has the required permission and qualifications to use. 

Start/Stop Activation

A Qualified vehicle technician removes the ignition system from the vehciel. This is retained by the owner for future use if required. A military grade metal waterproof illuminated button is fitted to enable ignition and the rest of the system fitted to the vehicle. The Intelligent Bands are then programmed to those vehicles a user wishes to place on the intelligent Band system.

Automatic lock out on stopping the engine

The Intelligent Band system automatically locks out the vehicle after a pre-set time once the stop button is pressed.

How about a Tracker version of intelligent Band?

The new tracking system enables the user to pin point the their vehicles and use the multiple features to track fuel usuage and journey.


Security Peace of Mind

No more remembering to take keys out of the vehicle or activating security features. Stop the engine and the Intelligent Band system will automatically lock out the ignition ensuring no further activation can be carried out by an unauthorised user.

Full Integration

Our fully trained engineers fully integrate the Intelligent Band system into the vehicle wiring harness, hampering would be thieves and making the vehicles difficult to move.

Tracker System

Our new Tracker System will enable users to have the Intelligent Band experience, but with the added ability to track their vehicles. Many new features include: Engine on/off detection, mileage calculation, remote listening,google map link and many more !


The Intelligent Band has been design for efficient use of every vehicle for everyday. One band controls all your vehicles across multiple locations.

Multiple Users

Multiple drivers can use the Intelligent Band system allowing for ease of use and security.

Intelligent Band Range

To avoid remote tampering or cloning the Intelligent Band system requires the user to be wearing the wristband upon activating the start/stop button.

UK Based Company

Intelligent Band Ltd is a UK based company providing full installation and support. All our staff are highly skilled and in-house trained to install the intelligent band system, anywhere in the UK

Easy to install?

Want to fit it yourself? Feel free to chat to our Master Technician about fitting.


Installation to any make, model or fuel type

The Intelligent Band system can be installed to any make or model of vehicle including 12/24V, petrol diesel or LPG and is fully integrated into the vehicle wiring system, ensuring full protection from potential thieves – No chance to hotwire!


24/7/365 Protection

Intelligent Band requires no batteries ensuring your system stays working 24/7/365.


Shropshire Business Awards Finalist

Case Studies

Intelligent Band installed a system on Edward's farm on the Shropshire border.

Edward Owen's Farm, Shropshire Borders

Intelligent Band has been a welcome introduction to our business. It has given us heightened security without being to intrusive on our daily routine. The technology is easy to use for all ages. From our 17 year old workman to my 72 year old Dad, they have been able to use the machinery on a day to day basis but we have the added advantage knowing that all the vehicles are secure at all times. The installation was quick and has not changed the vehicles in any way cosmetically. The major advantage has been that one key fob has replaced all keys needed for each vehicle, thus making it easy for anyone working here to start any vehicle with their nominated key fob. All vehicles are safe during the day standing on the yard and at night when most thefts occur. The company have been easy to work with and very helpful at all times.


Intelligent Band selling tracking systems in response to the rise in vehicle thefts. 


Latest News

Following extensive testing Intelligent Band link their Intelligent Band Product with a Tracking system. Still Key less, still working with farmers to deter theft. 

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